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Tim Barry

Artist & sculptor.


Tim Barry has over 30 years of sculpting and design experience starting with miniature sculpture for the Hobby games industry and stop motion figure animation in the 1980s, to life-size museum replicas in the 90s, to 3D computer character development and animation today. Tim's award-winning work has appeared in the films, the Smithsonian, in the pages of National Geographic Magazine, and in the private collections of celebrity clientele like Slash of the band Guns N' Roses. 

Special Effects and Model Making


In the late 1970s and early 1980s I worked for various theater and special effects companies learning the ropes the old fashion way as an apprentice. This took me in the right direction as

model maker and puppeteer for make up and creating creatures for filming commercial television and B budget film. Some of my work was created for Claymation and stop motion .

Museum and science.

My career in model making took me in many directions including museum pieces for paleontology. Dinosaurs became a big part of my career in the 1990s. I worked closely with Paleontoligists like Robert Bakker and Jim Kirkland. This was a turning point for me.


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