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Very special thanks to all the artists and creative people I have had the privilege to work with.

Matt Mcguire

My very close friend and concept artist.

Calls me for a beer when I work to much.

Kirk Kirkland

Owner and creater of Colapse Industries.

And a good friend.

Brian Niro

Blogger and Game creator for Aetherium


Tom Cipolla

Master mold maker and 3DMax Animator

Long time collaborator and co worker

Howard Whithouse

An amazing author, writer and game creater.

I hope I did not spel this wong.

Paul Laduca

Rapid prototype 3D printing

Does things the right way the first time

Dr Robert Bakker

Curator of Paleontology

Also an artist not in it for the money

Bill Wieger

Sculptor and SFX artist

Still have his old portfolio.

Tony McVey

Mike Tricic

Sculptor and character designer

"you have to go digital"

Ed Fortae

Sculptor and spin caster molder

The Doc Brown of  spin cast.

Sculptor and SFX artist

Great sculptor and equally great person

Wayne Barlowe

Science fiction and fantasy artist and author

Taking a Jurassic Siesta.

Maximo Salas

Sculptor and Paleo Artist

Mi amigo de Monterey

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